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Equity is Swell is launched!

May 19, 2010

This is an exciting event. On May 19, 2010, I have the great personal and professional pleasure of launching this site, Equity is Swell. There are several purposes of this site.

First, and foremost, every time I teach a course in Equity and Equitable Remedies at the Charleston School of Law, I am going to select several student papers and post them right here. The topics will be varied – but in one way or another – they will deal with Equity, Equitable Remedies, and other related topics. I hope, over time, that you will find an impressive number of Student Papers that may be of potential assistance to the Bench and Bar of South Carolina (and perhaps others). I have a link to a brief bio, written by the students themselves, who wrote these papers.

Second, in the future, I hope to start to post my own power point slides and course notes for my course – Equity and Equitable Remedies.

Third, I certainly invite comments, suggestions, questions, criticisms, etc.,

By the way, merely for the record, I claim to be Stephen A Spitz, a Professor at the Charleston School of Law (I guess I will stick to this story for at least a week or two). I regularly teach Property Law, Real Estate Transactions, Equity and Equitable Remedies, and (sometimes) Environmental Law.

I also purport to claim that I am an “Admiral” in the Great Navy of Nebraska (A remarkable claim for a totally landlocked state, but nonetheless – long ago and far away on April 27, 1978, the then Governor of the Great State of Nebraska really did sign a certificate naming me an Admiral). (My only other real claim to fame, by the way, is that I once held a certificate from Beaufort County, South Carolina allowing me to practice as a fortune teller. Fortunately, for the whole world, that license has long ago expired).

I certainly do want to thank the swell Darla Walls and the very nice Deborah McGovern – both of whom have been absolutely wonderful in assisting me in pulling this whole blog thing together. And, I absolutely want to thank my own wonderful wife, Wendy, who always encourages me to give new fun things a try.

Here is the first of the student papers titled Excusable Delay Defending Laches.