A Change By The Writer of this Blog

For the past number of years, I have been a law school professor.

And, since this blog was first started, it has been my pleasure to write about matters dealing with equity, equitable remedies, and various other related topics in this Blog for the benefit of my readers (typically South Carolina lawyers and Judges).

While I certainly plan to continue to write on topics of interest dealing with equity and related property matters, I thought I should advise all my readers, present and future, that I have left the Charleston School of Law and now I am “Of Counsel” to a Law Firm in Charleston called Stevens & Lee. The firm has a number of offices in several states including Pennsylvania and Delaware.

My own focus will continue to be on South Carolina and certainly invite any interested reader to  pass along any case or opinion or order in this State which deals with the topics of equity and equitable remedies.

Remember, the goal is educational – to share news and lower court orders and other matters that may well be of interest to a number of Lawyers and Judges and I will try my very best to follow the wishes of those who may well be involved.

By the way, my new contact information is as follows:

Stephen Spitz
Of  Counsel
Stevens & Lee
Email: sasp@stevenslee.com
Phone: 843-414-5085



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