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The Honorable Associate Justice John Kittredge’s Speech

February 14, 2012

Last December, I was lucky enough to attend the Charleston School of Law December Commencement Graduation Ceremonies. The Commencement Speaker was one of the Associate Justices on the South Carolina Supreme Court, the honorable Justice John Kittredge. He is very kind and has permitted me, at my request, to post that talk on Equity is Swell. I think this is a really wonderful speech for law student graduates (and many others — including many lawyers) to read and reflect upon its content. An aside, Justice Kittredge was at first quite reluctant to let me post this talk because, as he quickly pointed out to me, it was written to be delivered orally and was never intended to be read. Nonetheless, with the qualification in mind, I have the privilege of passing it along just the way he wrote it. I frankly predict you will find it truly worthy of reading and I greatly appreciate his honor permitting me the privilege of posting it here. Thanks, Justice Kittredge.

Spitz / February 14, 2012