Equitable Maxims – By Jim Koutrakos, Esq.

I was a speaker at the recent South Carolina Bench Bar CLE for the Masters In Equity in Columbia. Among the other speakers, I had the distinct pleasure of listening to Jim Koutrakos, Esq. give just a great speech on Equitable Maxims. What made this speech particularly exciting is that Jim was only given a very few days to prepare at virtually the very last minute but, nonetheless, produced a talk that was just excellent.

I am lucky enough to be able to post his outstanding power points from his talk (of course with his express permission) on Equity is Swell. I thank him for sharing with all of us his outstanding presentation.

This topic is particularly relevant and timely because the South Carolina Court of Appeals just decided a highly interesting case where they relied upon a number of equitable maxims to create an equitable lien and to grant that lien priority over a recorded mortgage.

Jim, thanks again for sharing this with others on this blog.    



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