Merely A Reminder – This Blog Does Not Dispense Legal Advice Of Any Kind

Recently, someone sent me a comment looking for some personal advise about a pending legal matter. I am genuinely sorry — but the purpose of this blog is not to engage in legal counsel to anyone.

My purpose is merely educational — to pass on some possibly interesting student papers / my own and some student power point presentations / and sometimes to even post some interesting lower court orders in South Carolina that have been completed, finished, and not on appeal, that may be of value to lawyers and other judges and law students someday. I teach the course Equity and Equitable Remedies at the Charleston School of Law and hope these types of materials may be of use someday.  Although I always welcome comments, suggestions, or even criticism of what is posted — in general, I have to draw the line when it comes to giving any formal or informal legal counsel or advise to anyone.

There are a lot of reasons for this particular stopping point —  merely to mention one obvious one: creating an attorney client relationship is truly a private, personal matter and simply cannot be done on the internet (at least in my own personal opinion) as a private, confidential attorney client relationship is impossible on a public blog.  

At all events, I ask all future readers, to again respect this limitation, and not post future requests of a personal nature dealing with pending legal matters.  

With the very kindest personal regards, I remain,

Very truly yours,


Professor Stephen Spitz
Charleston School of Law
Charleston, S.C.


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