About Equity is Swell

I taught a course last fall in Equity and Equitable Remedies. While I had a large number of very fine papers in that class, I thought that four papers in particular were really outstanding, and may well be helpful to lawyers and Judges in the future.

I asked the students to grant their consent to put the papers on Equity is Swell and I also asked them to send me an electronic version of their paper and a brief biographic paragraph or two about each of the students that worked on the papers.

I don’t know for sure, but I do anticipate that all four student “law firms” will eventually be sending me their papers and when I receive the written consents, their electronic paper, and the brief bios, I will be posting them on the Equity is Swell Site. Down the road, I also plan to post other matters on this Site, including some of my PowerPoint presentations in this class and some other matters as well. 

Of course, I invite comments, suggestions, etc. Please remember – the students are doing this for free and as part of an academic course. Of course, I am happy to have any comments, positive or otherwise, directed at me. But, as for the students themselves, please be just a little careful and thoughtful about your comments.  Naturally,  they did the best they could, and moreover, they are not, obviously, seasoned lawyers yet.   Perhaps in some papers you may detect some minor matters that a much more experienced lawyer or judge might have said a little differently. So what? If you are a lawyer, or a judge, or a law school professor, or merely an interested reader, we were all once just students. 

I genuinely thank the Charleston School of Law students who have been kind enough to give me their consent to post part of their academic work in this class.  I anticipate more papers being filed here each time I teach my Equity and Equitable Remedies Class.  To the readers of this Site, I hope you enjoy reading some of the student work found here. I will be formally introducing the Equity is Swell Site at the upcoming Fall Bench/Bar CLE for Masters In Equity in Columbia next fall.

Again, I certainly do invite comments, suggestions and opinions from lawyers and judges from around the State and others who may be interested in the topics posted here. 

The second paper was written by Jeri Grantham and Beth Santilli, both third year Charleston School of Law students.  A link to their brief bios is attached. Their very interesting topic is South Carolina Partition Statute 15-16-25: Equity and Heirs’ Property.


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